7 Exercises You Can Do At Your Workplace

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People today have become more aware of the benefits of regular exercise. They’ve also become just as busy. Most people spend the greater portion of their day at their work desks. Their busier than ever lives make it difficult to include regular workouts in their routine. However, a fast-paced life should be no excuse to avoid a little bit of exercise every day! Here are some easy exercises that you can conveniently carry out in your workplace:

  1. Take the stairs – The easiest way to include some exercise at your workplace is to avoid the elevator and take the stairs instead! It’s a great way of including some cardio into your day to day life. You can even take it one step further, and go up and down the stairs a few times during the day.

Take The Stairs

  1. Floor walks – Instead of making a phone call to your colleague who sits across the office floor, walk it down to them! Although it seems too simple, every step you take counts! Also, remember to walk faster than you usually would, but not run.

Floor walk

  1. Leg lifts – Stretching your legs under your desk is probably the most inconspicuous of most workplace exercises. Simply raise one leg until it is parallel to the ground. Hold it at that position for a few seconds and then lower it. Go on to repeat this with your other leg. To increase the difficulty, you can even raise both legs at the same time.


  1. Exercise Ball – A great way to tone your core while at work is to replace your regular chair with an exercise ball. Sitting up straight on the exercise ball without slouching is an exercise in itself. While it seems like a bit of a tedious change, it will help to improve your overall posture and tone your core muscles.

Exercise ball

  1. Clenches – Another exercise you could do without absolutely anyone knowing is clenches. For this, simply clench in your abdomen or butt muscles for 10 to 15 seconds and then let go. Repeat the process. Again, this is a good way to tone your muscles.


  1. Calf raises – This is a great exercise to get in while you wait by the microwave, printer, or even at a colleague’s desk. Simply raise your calf upwards towards the back of your leg and hold for a second or two. Then lower your leg and repeat with the other leg. You can check out a video by CFI below –


  1. Stretching – Finally, the most inconspicuous of all workplace exercises – stretching! You can incorporate easy stretches every day at work – sitting or standing. While this may not seem like much, a simple stretch can work wonders for your posture.

These exercises may not appear to be life-changing. However, doing them on an everyday basis will definitely help your body. It may also motivate you to take some time out in your day to carry out more challenging exercises.

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