Glowing Skin After Sex

Glowing Skin After Sex – Myth or Fact?

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Anyone who has been in a romantic relationship will agree that sex is an integral part of being a couple. And every couple will agree to the after-sex glow radiating from the body! But is this observation about glowing skin actually a fact or just a mythical blissful feeling left over after all the excursion?

Let’s look at this logically, if you’re in a happy relationship having sexual intercourse on a regular basis that satisfies your needs. It means you’re content in general and will show a general aura of delighted glow. However, you could be a millennial who likes to just spend the night with another like-minded millennial after a night out. In this case, you probably don’t always look cheerful and joyful the next morning (we all have those nights we regret!). Considering the lack of sleep you’re looking more like a wreck and scraggy-self of the previous night. However, there is a general sense of contentment that the doctors have attributed to sex. Is this is the ‘Glowing skin after sex’ that everyone is always talking about?

What Does Science Say?

Scientifically speaking, there have been many tests conducted to prove that Sex is beneficial for the health. Here are a few points concluded by various dermatologists that prove that intercourse leads to healthy skin:

  1. Doing the deed leads to better blood circulation in your body, this, in turn, makes your skin healthy.
  2. Rolling in the sheets instantaneously releases endorphins with anti-inflammatory properties which reduce acne and pimples.
  3. Sex wakes up your senses helping deliver oxygen to your facial pores making them rosy and luscious.
  4. Regular romps discharge sex hormones that produce just the right amount of oil that can help bring balance to the pores on the surface and prevent dry skin.
  5. A vigorous session in bed can boost natural collagen production that staves off age spots and sagging. It releases a growth hormone that keeps the skin elastic and hence younger looking.

Guess there’s some truth in it!

In conclusion, it is true that a healthy sexual lifestyle can lead to glowing skin. But if we’re to believe that sex is like any other form of exercise, it can be safely said that regularly working out will also give you a healthier and glowing skin.

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