Plogging – The New Environment-friendly Fitness Trend

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In a world where trends seem to come and go at the speed of light, plogging is the newest! It’s a new workout technique that began in Sweden in 2016 and has spread across continents and taken the world by storm. But what is plogging exactly?


Derived from the Swedish words ‘plocka upp’ which mean ‘pick up’, plogging is simply put, jogging while picking up litter. It first began as an organized activity in Sweden around 2016. Later in 2018, it spread to other countries following concerns about plastic pollution.

Benefits Of Plogging

The environmental benefits of this new fitness trend are apparent – it directly helps to reduce the waste we find in our neighborhoods and helps to make our planet a slightly cleaner place. Most ploggers will carry a garbage bag along with them. As they run, they will pick up any trash they find on their routes and collect it to be discarded later. For most ploggers, it’s a great way of making an impact on the environment while still staying fit and following their routines.

Apart from the direct environmental benefits, plogging is also said to be a more effective workout than jogging. The act of picking up litter requires individuals to bend, stretch, and even squat during their runs and adds an extra level of difficulty to a person’s jogging routine. The Swedish based fitness app LifeSum has also found that plogging can help to burn more calories than a regular run! It states that while a regular 30-minute jog will burn about 235 calories, a plog will burn approximately 288 calories!

Let’s Plog

However, one question continues to loom over our heads. Is plogging yet another internet fad or is it here to stick? It cannot be denied that plogging is a bit more restrictive as it disrupts the flow of a regular run. However, it does encourage environmental consciousness. It’s also empowering as it helps normal people make a positive impact on the world. Considering its advantages, we can only hope that this trend becomes more popular! You can check out Global Plogging to participate in events near you.

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